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Gingher Sharpening Stone


Gingher Sharpening Stone For Knife Edge Scissors.

Sharpening Stone for Knife Edge Scissors, by Gingher, keeps the knife-edge of shears sharp and effective. A sharp knife-edge is important for performance and longevity of scissors. The knife-edge is a sharply beveled edge, which looks quite different from the normal edge on the opposite blade. Only the knife-edge should be sharpened.

Not all scissors and shears are ground with a knife-edge and those items cannot be sharpened with the Sharpening Stone. Embroidery scissors and pinking shears cannot be honed, nor can the blade bearing the Gingher trademark on the knife-edge shears.

Knife Edge Sharpening Stone comes with a fitted leather sheath.

Sharpening Stone for Knife Edge Scissors Instructions: Grasp the scissors or shears firmly with the blades in the open position, avoiding contact with the knife-edge. Hold the sharpening stone against the outside bevel surface of the knife-edge at the steepest angle that permits contact with the extreme edge. With firm, upward strokes, in one direction only, hone the edge, working from the shank (near the assembly point) all the way to the tip. Proper honing will create a continuous burr along the inside cutting edge which can be removed simply by slowly closing the blades. After removing this burr, carefully wipe the blades clean before use.