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MUNDIAL 7-1/2" Classic Forged Pinking Shears Scissors


MUNDIAL® 7-1/2" Classic Forged Pinking Shears.

When you're serious about your sewing and crafting, you should be serious about your cutting, too. Mundial Classic Forged Pinking Shears are made with fine carbon steel and are specially designed for ravel resistant seam finishing and also for decorative edging. For best results, cuts should start with one or two sets of teeth already interlocked rather than opening the blades all the way. Let the blades close naturally without squeezing hand. The cutting action will be stiffer than that of regular scissors and shears. These pinking shears were properly set and tested at our factory. To maintain their optimum cutting performance, we recommend cutting only one layer of material at a time. 

professional, for use in creating attractive outer edges and finishing seams with ravel resistant zig-zag edge.

  • Full Length : 7-1/2" (191mm)
  • Cut Length : 2-7/8" (73mm)
  • Professional quality, fully plated carbon steel shears for a longer lasting edge.