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Westcott C-Thru 12" Inch Clear Plastic Graph Beveled Ruler #B-60

12" CLEAR PLASTIC BEVELED RULER Description: Westcott C-Thru 12" Clear Plastic Beveled Graph Ruler. Ruler # B-60 This handy 8ths graph ruler is transparent for visibility and beveled to accommodate...

Westcott C-Thru 6" Clear Plastic Graph Beveled Ruler #B-50

  C-THRU CLEAR PLASTIC GRAPH RULER #B-50 Description: Westcott C-Thru 6" Clear Plastic Graph Ruler.   Ruler # B-50   This handy 8ths graph ruler is transparent for visibility and...

Westcott C-Thru 8-Inches/17cm L-Square Inch-Metric Ruler #L-808

  Westcott C-Thru 8inch/17cm L-Square Description:  Westcott C-Thru 8-Inch/17cm L-Square Ruler. Ruler # L-808. 8ths graph with edge in 16ths and centimeters. Transparent plastic square. Laminated for durability. 

Fairgate 24" 3-In-1 Transparent Fashion Form Hip French Curve Ruler #01-128

FAIRGATE THREE-IN-ONE TRANSPARENT FLASH FORM Description: Brand New FAIRGATE Three-in-One Transparent Flash Form Curve. Fairgate Ruler # 01-128. Unique 3-in-1 acrylic tool combines the functions of a ruler, hip curve,...

Fairgate Three Clear French Curve Set #10-000

FAIRGATE THREE CRYSTAL CLEAR FRENCH CURVES Description: FAIRGATE® Three Crystal-Clear French Curves Three-piece set allows artists, designers, patternmakers, modelmakers, hobbyists, and others to draw a nearly infinite variety of curves quickly...

Dritz 4-In-1 Styling Design Ruler - Hip Curve, French Curve & Straight #832

Dritz 4-In-1 Styling Design Ruler. 4 rulers in 1. Features French curve - hip curve - straight ruler and cut-out slots. Combines several curves - a straight edge and a...

Clear Plastic Graphic Designer Ruler 18" Inches

18" Clear Plastic Graph Ruler. These handy graph rulers are transparent for visibility. Edges are calibrated to 16ths to the inch with a zero centering scale down the middle. Laminated...

18" English/Metric Transparent Plastic Designer Graphic Ruler

Lance 18" X 2" English/Metric Transparent Designer Graphic Ruler. English-Metric 18" transparent ruler with one edge a zero centering 8ths graph divided in 16ths to the inches and the other...