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New One Dozen NEEDLE THREADERS - Sewing Accessory

PACKAGE OF ONE DOZEN NEEDLE THREADERS Brand New Set of 12 Needle Threaders. Threading a needle cannot be made simpler. Just push threader through needle eye, insert thread, and pull...

Pack of 12 Overlock Serger Looper & Needle Threading Wires - Threaders

Dozen Overlock Threading Wires Description: Set of 12, Overlock Twisted Threading wires. Threading a needle or looper cannot be made simpler. Push the threader through the eye of the needle...

Threading Wire For SINGER 29-4, 29K, 29U Class Sewing Machines #8590 - 2 Pack

THREADING WIRES FOR SINGER 29-4, 29K MACHINES Description: Set of 2 Threading Wires used with Singer 29K, 29U and 29-4 Class Sewing Machines. Part #8590. You will receive 2 threading wires....

Dritz Needle Threader With Thead Cutter 248

Dritz Needle Threader/Cutter Description: Dritz Needle Threader with Cutter. Lightweight and easy to use, this needle threader is a great addition to your sewing kit. The combination of threader and...

Dritz Seam Ripper & Threader Sewing Tool Set 609

Dritz Seam Ripper & Threader Set Description: Dritz Seam Ripper & Threader Set. 3" seam ripper and threader with blue handles. Long lasting fine blade with a safety ball that...

Dritz Package of 35 Flexi-Needle Threaders - For Hand & Machine Needles

Dritz Flexi-Needle threaders #254 Description: Dritz 35 Flexi-Needle threaders. Dritz Threaders are the perfect tools for threading needles, elastic, drawstrings and more. Flexi-Needle Threaders by Dritz. These thin threaders easily...

Creative Notions Serger Looper Threader - Needle Threader

Creative Notions Serger Looper Threader Description: Brand New Creative Notions Serger Looper Threader. Designed to make threading a serger easier. Threading eye is made of a fine wire to easily...

Dritz Sewing Machine Needle Inserter & Threader #253

Description: Dritz Machine Needle Inserter & Threader. Needle inserter holds needle steady for easy insertion and removal from the machine Ideal for specialty threads Needle threader reduces eye strain and...

Sewing Machine Needle Threaders By Collins - 3 Pack #C64

Collins Needle Threaders Description: Collins Handy Needle Threaders - 3 Ct. These handy threaders are used to thread hand and machine needles.  Keep them handy to thread tapestry needles with...

Threading Wire #03-0020-0-000 For Reece 101 Button Hole Sewing Machines

Threading Wire For Reece Description:  Threading Wire For Reece Industrial Keyhole Button Hole Sewing Machine. Part # : 03-0020-0-000 Threading wire for Reece 101 button hole machine long type for...

Dritz 2 Tapestry Needle Threaders #D10500

  Dritz 2 Tapestry Needle Threaders  Description: Dritz 2 Tapestry Needle Threaders Tapestry Needle Threaders is for threading needlepoint and tapestry yarn needles quickly and easily.Item # 10500.  

Clover Double Sided Needle Threader - Small & Larger Needle Eye #462

Clover Double Needle Threader Description:Clover Double Needle Threader. This is a double sided needle threader . Great for small and large needles and also on sewing machines. Start your sewing...

Pack of 100 Wire Bow Needle Threaders - Sewing Machine Needle Threaders

Pack of 100 NEEDLE THREADERS Description: Package of 100 Wire Bow Type Sewing Machine Needle Threaders. Threading a needle can not be made simpler. Just push threader through needle eye, insert...

Clover Embroidery Needle Threader #8611

Clover Embroidery Threader Description: CLOVER Embroidery Threader, is uniquely designed with "flat tip" for easy and smooth threading and aligns the thread vertically in the thread hole even with thick...

Dritz Needle Threader & Magnifier

Description: Dritz Needle Threader & Magnifier. If you find it hard to pass the thread through tiny needle eyes, use the Dritz Needle Threader and Magnifier. This convenient threader and...

Janome Needle Threader For All Models #200347008

  Janome Needle Threader  Description: Janome Needle Threader For All Models #200347008 Janome needle threader for all Janome models. Also works on any machine that uses a standard needle.For Janome...