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Box of 100 Orange® Leather Point Needles for Singer 29, 29-4, 29K and 29U Class Sewing Machines.


Needle system : 29X4 (Leather Point Needles)
These needles also cross to these different needle systems : 332LL 332LR, DIX4, SY3750

Leather needle has the shape like a wedge at the point which gives it superior piercing power for unyielding fabric such as real leather, suede or heavy vinyl. This needle makes a clean, large hole as it enters the fabric. It is better to tie or seal thread ends rather than backstitching to secure. Sew accurately since removing stitches and restitching will leave hole markings. Synthetic leathers and suedes can and should be sewn with standard needles.

Orange 29X4 needles are available in following sizes. Please select your size :

  • Singer Size 19 (Metric Size 120) Medium-heavy to heavy fabrics
  • Singer Size 20 (Metric Size 125) Heavy fabrics
  • Singer Size 21 (Metric Size 130) Heavy fabrics
  • Singer Size 22 (Metric Size 140) Extra Heavy fabrics
Please e-mail us with make/model of your sewing machine if in doubt. We stock many different style of sewing machine needles. Even if you don't find the one you looking for, it does not mean we don't have it in stock. Please let us know with needle system (style) number and/or machine make & model and we will find one for you.