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Brand New SMARTEK RT-15 Rechargeable Clothes Shaver.

This Rechargeable Clothes Shaver quickly shaves away years of wear giving materials a fresh new look in seconds. This cordless, lightweight shaver safely trims only the top fuzz and suctions it neatly into a detachable bin, quickly removing pills, lint and fuzz from wool, knits and synthetics without damaging the fabric. Due to the fact that it is rechargeable, you can continently shave without the hassle of changing batteries or tangling wires. The large 2-inch shaving surface makes it fast and easy to use. This shaver is excellent on: sweaters, pants, skirts, socks, blankets, furniture, drapes, carpet and almost on anything.

  • Large 2" head
  • Removable fuzz bin
  • On/Off switch
  • Protective stainless steel shield over rotary blades
  • Adjustable to fabric thickness
  • Comfortable open handle grip
  • Adjustable speed H/M/L
  • UL Adapter to charge (included)