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Teflon Coated Compensating Presser Foot for Industrial Sewing Machines - Left Side.

~~ High quality sewing machine presser foot ~~

This Black Teflon Coated Compensating Foot works great on all types of fabrics. Perfect for sewing hard-to-feed fabrics, like leather, foam, plastic, imitation leathers and plastic-coated fabrics.

Compensating presser foot is used for creating an even stitch along the edge of the material. This foot is Left-toe yielding. This Left-Side foot will guide the garment to stitch on even edge to the left side of the sewing needle. Right-side feet are also available in our shop.

Left teflon compensating presser feet are available in following sizes. Please select your size.

  • Size 1/32" - Narrow
  • Size 1/32" - Regular 
  • Size 1/16" - Narrow
  • Size 1/16" - Regular 
  • Size 1/8"
  • Size 3/16"
  • Size 1/4"
  • Size 3/8"

This high quality foot will fit most single needle industrial sewing machines with high shank presser foot system including :

Artisan : 196R, 5550N, 8500N, ZJ-100

Brother : B705, B707, B715, B716, B735, B737, B738, B745, B755, B757, B758, B767, B781, PQ1300, PQ1500

Consew : 30, 98, 99, 102, 103, 105, 210, 217, 218, 219, 220, 230, 290, 310, 2230, 7360R-1

Econosew : DDL-5550, DDL-8500, DDL-8700

Feiyue : 8500, 8700

Gemsy : 8700

Janome : 1600P, 1600P-DB

Juki : DDL-127, DDL-227, DDL-500, DDL-552, DDL-553, DDL-555, DDL-5550, DDL-5600, DDL-8100, DDL-8300, DDL-8500, DDL-8700, DDL-9000, TL98E, TL98Q, TL98QE

Mitsubishi :  DB-120, DB-121, DB-122, DB-126, DB-130, DB-170, DB-189, DB-199, LS2-130, LS2-150, LS2-180, LS2-190, LS2-1130

Reliable : MSK-8800, MSK-8550M, MSK-8870M

Rex : RX8500

Singer : 95, 96, 120U, 121C, 121D, 188K, 191D, 195K, 196K, 241, 251, 281, 366K, 400W, 402W, 451K, 491D, 591D, 600W, 660A, 691D, 770D, 771D, 2191, 2491D

Sunstar : KM-123A, KM-123B, KM-137A, KM-137B, KM-146BL, KM-250

Tacsew : 5550, T8700

Taiko : TK-505, TK-510

Yamata : FY8500, FY8700

and many more!

This compensating foot will fit many Household and Industrial sewing machines with high shank presser foot system - 1 inch tall, from the center of the fastening screw to foot bottom. To verify the compatibility to your sewing machine, please e-mail the brand & model number and we will check for you.