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Wave Edge Teflon Coated Blade For Eastman 


Pack of 12 High Speed Steel Wave Edge Teflon Coated Blades For Eastman Cutting Machine.

Knife Size : 10"

WAVE EDGE blades are used to diminish heat between the cutting edge of the knife and the material being cut. The purpose of the "wave" blade is to help eliminate fusing problems by reducing the cutting surface of the knife that is in contact with the material. These wave edge blades are Teflon Coated and are used primarily to cut down on fusing when cutting synthetics or materials with low melting points. 

High Speed Steel maintains a finer cutting edge for a longer length of time than other steels which may be available for cutting. 

For Eastman "Blue Streak II Model 629" and "Brute Model 627" Straight Fabric Cutting Machines. 

These knives are available in other sizes.