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Adjustable Elastic Foot Compatible with Juki Industrial 4-Thread Overlock Sewing Machines.

This foot stretches and guides elastic as it is sewn in place. Use it for lingerie, action wear, and other elastic insertion techniques. Adjustable tension knob controls the amount of elastic stretching. You can also use this foot to attach tape or lace by completely reducing the tension.

Available in 5 elastic width sizes. Please select your size from the size option.

Compatible with Juki models : MO-2412, MO-2414, MO-2512, MO-2514, MO-3612, MO-3614, MO-3712, MO-3714, MO-3912, MO-3914, MO-6712, MO-6714

For 4-thread, 2-needle industrial overlock machines.