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Sku: SS-2110920-TP


Set of 2 Juki Needle Plate Screws.

Part # SS-2110920-TP (SS2110920TP)

Black color screws.

Genuine Juki Parts.

Fits Juki models : 2000 Pro, AMS-224C, DDL-227, DDL-552, DDL-553, DDL-5530, DDL-5550, DDL-5550N, DDL-555, DDL-555-2, DDL-555-4, DDL-555-5, DDL-5556N-7-WB, DDL-8300N, DDL-8700, DDL-8700-7, DLN-415-4, DLN-5410N-7, DLN-5410NJ-7, DLN-6390-7, DLN-9010, DNU-1541, DNU-1541-7, DU-1181, LBH-761, LBH-762, LBH-763, LBH-771, LG-158, LH-1152-4, LH-1182, LH-512, LH-515, LU-1114-4, LU-1114-5, LK-1900, LK-232, LK-322, LU-1508N, LU-1560N, LU-1560N-7, LU-562, LU-563N, LUH-521, MB-372, MB-373, MO-804, MO-814, MO-816

To verify compatibility to your sewing machine, please e-mail the brand & model number.

You will receive 2 screws.