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Fairgate Aluminum Straight Rules


Fairgate 15" Standard Aluminum Straight Ruler.

15" X 1-1/4" Aluminum english Rule. Calibrated two edges, one side 8ths and 16nds on the other.

  • Length: 15"
  • Width: 1-1/4" 
  • Increments of 1/8" on one edge and 1/16" on the other
  • Strong as steel - Featherweight - Non-rusting aluminum
  • Made in USA
Fairgate offers variety of rules, scales, and other measuring devices in both English and metric versions to satisfy the needs of professionals in the fields of graphic arts, engineering, architecture, fashion design, manufacturing, plumbing, and carpentry. Hobbyists and do-it-yourself enthusiasts will also find a wealth of useful instruments in the Fairgate line.