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Pack of 20 Brand New Large Size Bobbins for Many Models from Seiko, Consew and Brother Industrial Sewing Machines.

The bobbin #150971-0-01 (150971001). Bobbin diameter measures 1-1/8" (29mm) and 7/16" (12mm) thick. Color may vary.

These bobbina are also sold under these numbers :
BO-1215L-N, 15041, 150971-001, 103-54009, 2121404-321

These high quality bobbins will fit many industrial sewing machines including :  

Brother : B837, B837-5, B838

Consew : 244 Class, 254 Class, 255 Class, 282RB, 289RB, 327RB-1, 328RB-1, 333 Class, 339 Class, 388 Class, 389RB

Eagle : EA-256RB, 2156RB

Juki : LH-1172

Prince : PLM-100

Seiko : LLW All Class, LPW-6BL, LPW-6L, LPW-7BL, LPW-7L, LPW-8BL, LPW-8, LPW-26BL, LPW-26L, LPW-27BL, LPW-27L, LPW-28BL, LPW-28L, LSW-6L, LSW-7BL, LSW-7L, LSW-8BLC, LSW-8BLM, LSW-8L, LSW-8LC, LSW-8LM, LSW-26BL, LSW-26L, LSW-26LH, LSW-27BL, LSW-27L, LSW-28BL, LSW-28L, LTW-27BLM

Toyota : AD331;. AD332L, AD332LP, D330

And many more!

Please e-mail with your make/model if in doubt.

We stock many type of bobbins & bobbin cases for the industrial & home sewing machines. Even if you don't find the one you are looking for, it does not mean we don't have it in stock. Please let us know machine builders' reference numbers and/or machine make & model and we will find one for you.