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Edge Perfect Blade


45MM Edge Perfect Rotary Blade.

The easiest way to prepare fabric for hand stitching. Hand stitches, such as whip or blanket stitch, are perfectly spaced, eliminating the need for marking and pre-punching holes with an awl of punch

  • The Edge Perfect Blade cuts perfectly spaced perforations and makes hand finishing on fleece, felt and other non-woven fabrics quick and easy
  • Decorative yarns easily slip through the perforations without tugging or resorting to pliers to pull the needle
  • Blade fits most 45mm rotary cutters
  • Designed to cut holes into fleece to easily add trim
  • Holes are perfectly spaced 3/8" apart
  • Instructions booklet includes:
    • Edge finishes: Whip Stitch, Rolled Whip Stitch, Blanket Stitch, Lattice Stitch, Rolled Lattice Stitch, crocheting and knitting
    • Seam finishes: Whip seam, Lattice seam and Chevron seam