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Binder Foot with Adjusting Guide For Industrial Coverstitch Sewing Machines.

Part # : 528K-64.

Metric gauge size : 6.4mm (Spacing between the left side needle to the right side needle)

This Binder Presser Foot is used with binding attachment for binding work. This foot has a left toe spring loaded compensating guide that guides the binding through the machine and also has a adjustable guide on the right side of the needle which allows folded part to stay in it's position.

This high quality presser foot will fit most industrial coverstitch machines with 6.4mm gauge size including following models :

Artisan : VC-3500, ZJW122

Feiyue : FY007, GK-31016

Jack : JK-8500, JK-8600 series models

Juki : MF-860, MF-870, MF-890, MF-7200, MF-7500, MF-7700, MF-7900 series models

Kansai Special : V803F, W803F, DWK-1803F, W8103F, WX-8803, RX9803

Pegasus : W500, W600, W664, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562

Siruba : F007

Sunstar : SC7200, SC7210, SC7300, SC7310, SF7400, SF7500 series models

Taiko : TK800F

Willcox & Gibbs : W41, W61, W62, W63, W542, W562, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562

Yamato : DW1259, DW1359, VC2500, VC2700, VF2400, VF2500

Zoje : W562

And many more.

It will also fit many other industrial coverstitch machines. To verify compatibility with your sewing machine, please e-mail the brand & model number.