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Adjustable Cloth Tape Guide Presser Foot


Industrial ZigZag Sewing Machine Adjustable Cloth Guide Foot.

~~ High quality sewing machine presser foot ~~

Foot for zigzag stitching with tape guides and left and right gauges. Can be adjusted from both sides to guide various widths and types of tapes and braids onto all kinds of fabrics.

This high quality foot will fit SINGER 20U and many other compatible zigzag sewing machines including Brother, Consew, Tacsew and Yamata.

Brother : B651

Consew : 99R, CN2033R-1, CN2053R-1

Gemsy : GEM20U23, GEM20U33, GEM20U43

Rex : RX20U53

Singer : 20U-11, 20U-13, 20U33, 20U43

Tacsew : T20U73

Yamata : FY20U63

And many more!!

Please e-mail with make/model of your sewing machine if in doubt.