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AlbaChem PSR II Powdered Dry Cleaning Fluid.

Albachem 1060 PSR II Powdered Dry Cleaning Fluid is exclusively for use on "Dry Clean Only" or S-coded fabric materials. Albatross Powder Spot Remover is designed to easily remove oil and grease stains without harming delicate fibers on all types of textiles. AlbaChem PSR II does not contain any chlorinated solvents. PSR has a low odor, will not "ring" and dries quickly. Use on silk, satin, cotton, wool, taffets, polyester, blends and all other dry clean only fabrics. Lifts "rings" that sometimes occur after other cleaning processes right off the fabric. Can be used on acetates. This spray is packaged in a convenient to use aerosol can. Unlike other spot removers, Albatross Powder Spot Remover lifts the stain off of the fabric into an absorbent white powder.

  • Removes grease, dirt and oil stains

  • Does not contain any chlorinated solvents (or any other toxic chemicals.)

  • Will not leave a circle or "ring" around the cleaned area

  • Dries to absorbent white powder

  • Powder is easily brushed or blown off of the fabric

  • Has a low odor and is pleasant to use

  • 12.5 oz (354 g)

Directions for Use : Hold can upright 8 to 10 inches from surface and spray soiled area. Allow to dry thoroughly until white powder forms. Brush off powder or blow off powder using a compressed air gun. Should nozzle clog, remove and clear with pin. Do not treat while wearing.