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Belmont Ball Bearing Thread Nipper

  • 4½" thread nippers, chrome over nickel plated, packaged in hang bag.
  • In this design, the index finger rests underneath the nippers while the thumb is on top - the middle finger goes through the loop to stabilize the nippers while the thumb and index finger push the blades together for cutting. The polished blades are comfortable in the hand and Gingher quality craftmanship assures clean cutting all the way to the points and a smooth, easy clipping action. This item 
    is recommended for thread cutting and snipping lighter fabrics.
- See more at: http://www.allbrands.com/products/6609-gingher-g-tn-4-5-thread-nipper-clipper-trimmer-sci#sthash.w705v2qF.dpuf

Belmont 4-1/2" Ball Bearing Thread Nipper

Belmont thread nippers are used in many industrial applications. They are fast, efficient and convenient for any light cutting operation. The nipper fits the hand comfortably leaving fingers free to handle the material. "Ball Bearing" construction for smoother, easier operation and increases the life of the nipper. 4-1/2" full length. Made in Italy.