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C.S. Osborne Straight Double Round Point Needles.

Round point at both ends. One eye at one end. Ideal for sewing and repairing sails, canvas, leather and similar materials. Size is based on overall length of the needle. Made in USA.

  • Size : 10

  • Length : 10"

  • Gauge : 13

  • Pack of 12 needles

Osborne needles and pins have long been considered a standard for fine quality.

C.S. Osborne & Co. is a manufacturer of specialized hand tools designed exclusively for upholsterers, auto trimmers, awning and canvas workers, furniture makers and other professionals in related trades. For generations, the family run business has always taken great pride in engineering the highest quality tools and offering our products both here in the United States and abroad. C.S. Osborne produces the most extensive line of custom tools available -and we guarantee that our tools will deliver excellent quality and superior performance.