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Brand New Set of 6 Disappearing Ink Pens with Eraser for dressmaking, quilting, handicraft, embroidery....any temporary line marking, etc.

Useful for temporary marking, drawing designs, embroidering, and memo writing. Disappears spontaneously, and/or easily and quickly erasable with water or eraser, any marks on cloth, wool, plastics, wood, or paper. Made in Japan.

You will receive SIX VIOLET PENS with eraser. Violet ink disappears spontaneously when exposed to air in 2-14 days. Use eraser on the other end of pen for immediate removal.

  • Disappearing time varies depending on writing pressure, material, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric conditions.
  • Do not pack and seal in a bag before markings completely disappear. Markings last longer with less ventilation.
  • Do not use any solvents or cleaning agents.