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Foot Control Pedal With Cord


Brand New Electric Foot Control Pedal For Portable Sewing Machines.

Part # 419451-003

Fits many portable sewing machine including :

For Babylock models : BL202, BL302, BL3-318, BL3-406, BL3-407, BL3-408, BL3-416, BL3-417, BL3-418, BL3-437, BL3-437D, BL415, BL428K, BL4-428D, BL4-436DF, BL4-605, BL4-728, BL4-728D, BL4-736, BL4-736D, BL4-738, BL4-738D, BL4-738(NS), BL4-838D, BL80, BL90, BL415, BL428K, BL5260, BL5260D, BL5280E, BL5280ED, BL5360ED, BL5380ED, BL80, BL90, BLE1, BLE1-SX, BLE1AT, BLE1AT-W, BLE8, BLE8-W, BLE1DX, BLE1LX, BLEE1SX, BLSE200, BLSE300, DBL34-60, and EA-605, Blindhemmer BL-101

For Bernette models : MO203, 204, 234

For Elna models : T33, 34

For Juki models : MO-103, MO104, MO-134, MO-623, MO-644D, MO-654DE, MO-655, MO-734DE, MO-735

For Mammylock models : ML4, ML303, 303R

For Necci models : Quilter 3620, Nelco: NL3, 4, 304

For Pfaff models : HL603A, 604

For Riccar models : RL330, 340, 343D, 3403DR, 613, 624

For Singer models : 14U series, 14U32, 14U34, 14U44, 14U52, 14U53, 14U64, 14U64A, 14U85, 14U234B, 14U285, 14U286, 14U344, 14U354B, 10UJ13, 14SH644, 14SH654, 14CG754

For Simplicity models : SW2145, S02, S10, 237, Blindhemmer BH600

For White models : 1410, 1510, 151001, 1666, 1866, 1919, 1927, 4040, 4075, 999

110-120 Volt, Max 1.4A.