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Kai 9-1/2"-inch Serrated Edge Aramid Fabrics Shears.

Kai 7000 Series Professional Scissors and Shears are the best in the business!  The model 7240AS micro serrated scissors for Kevlar and Aramid fabrics are also the most versatile!  The 7240AS scissors are the strongest yet most precise, lightweight and comfortable shears you will ever use!

The 7000 series scissors, including the 7240AS, are made of a high carbon, hardened stainless steel.  The addition of carbon allows for a steeper cutting angle, giving the scissor a sharper, finer edge for Kevlar®, Nomex®, Carbon-Fiber, Fiberglass and more. The carbon steel allows the finer edge to last longer.  This gives the 7000 series of scissors a better ability to cut thicker fabrics and allow for easier use.

  • 7240AS features a serrated edge for cutting Aramid fabrics such as Kevlar and composite cloth

  • Blades made of high-carbon Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel for extra-long life and high cutting efficiency

  • Full-length "blade-to-grip" design for optimal cutting balance

  • Novel duplex interlock screw for lasting blade tension

  • Ergonomically styled and padded grip made of "Elastomer" soft plastic for maximum ease of handling

  • Full length : 9-1/2" (240mm)

  • Blade length : 3-3/8" (88mm)

  • Weight : 8 oz.

  • Made in Japan