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Kretzer Heavy-Duty Serrated Blades Scissors


Kretzer Finny TEC XX 745520 Heavy Duty Serrated Blades Shears.

Kretzer Scissors is the leading German scissors manufacturer. The quality and durability of these shears are only two of many aspects associated with German craftsmanship.

Sturdy Heavy-Duty micro serrated blade scissors for cutting aramids, kevlar, fiberglass and other tough-to-cut materials. Both blades are serrated stainless steel and designed to cut as you compress the handle. Made in Germany.

  • Kretzer Scissor # : 744520 (74920)

  • Full Length : 8"

  • Top quality, German stainless-steel, Ice-tempered for a long lasting cutting edge.

  • Designed to cut at an optimum 20-25 degree angle under normal hand opening.

  • Lower Blades designed with slight curve so they cut extra smooth.

  • Comfortable and safe. Ergonomically shaped grip made in unbreakable plastic providing a comfortable hold for either hand.

  • Although primarily designed as right-handed cutting scissors, they are comfortable and completely useable with the left hand also.