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Presser Foot For Coverstitch Machine


3-Needle, 6.4MM Gauge Presser Foot With Adjustable Front Guide For Industrial Coverstitch Sewing Machines.

Metric gauge size : 6.4mm (Spacing between left side needle to right side needle)

This high quality presser foot will fit most industrial coverstitch machines with 6.4mm gauge size including following models :

Artisan : VC-3500, ZJW122

Feiyue : FY007, GK-31016

Jack : JK-8500, JK-8600 series models

Juki : MF-860, MF-870, MF-890, MF-7200, MF-7500, MF-7700, MF-7900 series models

Kansai Special : V803F, W803F, DWK-1803F, W8103F, WX-8803, RX9803

Pegasus : W500, W600, W664, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562

Siruba : F007

Sunstar : SC7200, SC7210, SC7300, SC7310, SF7400, SF7500 series models

Taiko : TK800F

Willcox & Gibbs : W41, W61, W62, W63, W542, W562, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562

Yamato : DW1259, DW1359, VC2500, VC2700, VF2400, VF2500

Zoje : W562

And many more.

It will also fit many other industrial coverstitch machines. To verify compatibility with your sewing machine, please e-mail the brand & model number.