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Schmetz 135X5 MR Quilting Needles


Schmetz MR Multidirectional Needles For Long Arm Quilting Machines. 

135X5 MR needle cross reference : 134 MR, 134R MR, 135X7 MR, 1955 MR, 1955-01-MR, DPX5 MR

Schmetz 135x5 MR Quilting needles are available in following sizes. Please select your size.

  • MR3.5 (Singer size 16 / Metric size 100)
  • MR4.0 (Singer size 18 / Metric size 110)
  • MR4.5 (Singer size 19 / Metric size 120)
  • MR5.0 (Singer size 21 / Metric size 130)

Schmetz MR needles are extreme needles specifically designed for multi-directional sewing. These needles have a much deeper scarf to ensure 100% stitch formation when sewing in multi-directions and used Gammill, Nolting, A.P.Q.S. Prodigy, Voyager and many other quilting machines.

Schmetz MR Features :

  • Extremely long and deep scarf.
  • The long groove runs at full depth for the complete length of the needle blade right down to the eye.
  • Scarf area with the same needle cross section as the upper blade.

Schmetz MR Advantage :

  • Wide space in scarf for the hook to pick up the needle thread loop. Prevents skipped stitches even on critical materials.

  • Optimum thread protection and functional guidance due to the deep long groove for the full length of the needle blade. Prevents the thread from untwisting and creates a better seam appearance.

  • The needle has increased buckling strength due to the same cross section in the blade and scarf area, which in turn, leads to less needle breakage.