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Brand New Set of 6 Violet Disappearing Ink Pens for dressmaking, quilting, handicraft, embroidery....any temporary line marking, etc.

Violet pens : Disappears spontaneously when exposed to air in 2-14 days.

Other color pens also available in our store.

Useful for temporary marking, drawing designs, embroidering, and memo writing. Disappears spontaneously, and/or easily and quickly erasable with water or eraser, any marks on cloth, wool, plastics, wood, or paper. Made in Japan.

  • Disappearing time varies depending on writing pressure, material, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric conditions.
  • Do not pack and seal in a bag before markings completely disappear. Markings last longer with less ventilation.
  • Do not use any solvents or cleaning agents.


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