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WISS Belt and Leather Cutting Shear / Scissor


Brand New WISS® Belt and Leather Cutting Shear.

This Leather shear is made of the finest quality cutlery steel. Bottom blade is serrated and the top blade is edged hot drop-forged nickel-plated blades with commercial finish. Specifically constructed for leather and other tough and thick material cutting.

  • Full Length : 8" (222mm)
  • Cut Length : 3" (72mm) 
  • Hot drop-forged, nickel plated with black handle.
  • Patented set-easy pivot, easy hand adjustment.
  • Wiss #8BLT.

The manufacture of WISS shears and scissors begins with the finest quality cutlery steel and a knowledge of metallurgy achieved from years testing and analyzing these products at every stage of production.